Picture of Generous with Claw Machine Winnings
Good day! It's a pleasure to meet you.

I'm Generous Yeh, an accessibility focused systems designer and claw machine enthusiast.

While my focus is on accessibility and design systems, I am not an expert, I just really care. I love creating scalable, accessible design systems to be used across products. I am most passionate about designing accessible solutions for all potential users including end users and fellow designers.

Additionally, I love working with design engineers, with my somewhat technical background, to create tools to improve the experience of designers. UX for UXers.

I've previously designed for Amazon, Uber, Reddit, Wish, Glean, and Ansys.

While I'm a designer by day, I'm a boba connoisseur, typeracer, and back cracker by night.


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Pink Bean noobie pixel art shenanigans
Pink Bean exploring restaurants
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