Picture of Generous with Claw Machine Winnings
Good day! It's a pleasure to meet you.

I'm Generous Yeh, an accessibility focused systems designer and claw machine enthusiast.

While my focus is on accessibility and design systems, I am not an expert, I just really care. I love creating scalable, accessible design systems to be used across products. I am most passionate about designing accessible solutions for all potential users including end users and fellow designers.

Additionally, I love working with design engineers, with my somewhat technical background, to create tools to improve the experience of designers. UX for UXers.

I've previously designed for Amazon, Uber, Reddit, Wish, Glean, Ansys, DAX, and A2F.

While I'm a designer by day, I'm a boba connoisseur, typeracer, and back cracker by night.

I also enjoy mentorship for all things - design to lifting to wrestling. Don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to ever converse. In all things that I do, I aim to be a better version of myself each and every day. This is also how I mentor and encourage. Are you better than yesterday? Did you take the chance to design one more screen or lift a set? That's what you need to be better than yesterday.


Product Design (Capstone) w/ Reddit

Focused on synchronous engagement!

Content for Figma

Watch two of my reels around interactive components here and here.

Friends of Figma Student Leader

Advocating for Figma on-campus and reinforcing the design community at the University of Washington.
One of 10 pilot schools!

Assistant Wrestling Coach @ Edmonds-Woodway High School

Training student athletes when I'm not designing. Learning as I teach.

Wrestling @ Husky Wrestling Club

Rebounding for the 2022 NCWA National Championships after COVID challenges.


Capstone Design @ Reddit

Product Design Intern @ Glean

Product Design Intern @ Wish

Product Design Intern @ Uber

User Experience Design Intern @ Amazon

User Experience Intern @ Ansys

Design Lead @ synHacks

Product Designer @ DAX Services LLC

UX Design Intern @ Acts2Fellowship UW

More about me

I embrace every opportunity to grow alongside my community. Communities enable us to challenge each other and enhance our collaboration, problem-solving, and individual strengths and skillsets. Everyone has valuable input due to their unique circumstances, especially due to personal biases sometimes clouding our judgment or awareness. By connecting these differences, we can build towards better, inclusive products. Reach out! Let's chat about anything(:

I believe that products should ensure every user has similar opportunities. Regardless of socioeconomic status, I believe all individuals deserve an opportunity to interact with products that will help them grow. Accessibility is about offering equal access (and thus opportunity) to all users. Being inclusive to various abilities, prior experiences, and opportunities is important in order to accommodate different needs, skill sets, and thought processes. I take my experience volunteering with diverse groups within my community into my thought process to enhance my design choices. User empathy is fundamental and I love empathizing with target users as a human-centered thinker.

With a bit of coding background, I am aware of various boundaries, constraints, and limitations which help me design feasibly and flexibly. Personally coding this website was a great opportunity for me to learn web programming (while also saving a bit of money). Portfolio coded with care(;

When awake but not designing, you'll likely find me lifting, gaming, or wrestling. Occasionally hiking and exploring boba spots. If you'd like to snag some coffee, boba, or discuss hobbies, feel free to contact me, I'd love to chat!