Preview of GroceryPal Mobile App



mobile app design // personal project // a solution to minimize food waste through an extensive user centered process

Uber Design System Cover



design systems // internship // creating a star rating component to ensure a consistent and cohesive experience across Uber products

Preview of Homemore Mobile App



mobile app design // personal project // building a way for the homeless to help themselves connect to resources

Wish Design System Cover



design systems // internship // dividing a work in progress "pill" component into a badge, label, and tag based on semantics

Preview of Coding with Kids Screens

Coding with Kids


website design // design competition // recreating the Coding with Kids website to accommodate those who are less technologically savvy

Reddit Logo Cover


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design systems, web & game design // capstone // gamifying to channel real time synchronous engagement mimicking social club behavior

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Amazon Logo


NDA. reach out for details.

feature design // internship // improving HR menus for over 39 million employee requests from over a million employees

Glean Logo


NDA. reach out for details.

design systems // internship // building a design system from the ground up with spacing, typography, and over 10 components